Anastasios Koularmanis


“There is only one you. Don’t you dare change simply because you are outnumbered.”

The Scholar section of my digital portfolio will expound upon my dissertation research, as well as showcase a synthesis of the doctoral program at St. John’s University. Additionally, this section will include supplementary research for further studies.


Program Synthesis
This section of the portfolio will demonstrate the personal and professional growth I have experienced during the two and a half years. Our professors Dr. Hughes, Dr. Smith, Dr. Taylor-Dunlop, and Dr. Ianni, Dr. Douglas, Dr. D’Ambrosio have all encouraged me to explore new levels of critical thinking. As a result of this program I have grown as an educational leader.

Topic Outline
The study is concerned with the development of the history of the Saint Demetrios Greek American School of Astoria, Astoria, New York, during the period of 1956-2012 with a special focus of the school’s adaptation and response to the changing times. Through careful examination of document and archival sources, the philosophy which serves as the foundation for the inception and growth of this school may be more clearly understood be Greek-Americans as well as other ethnic cultures. The findings of this study may provide assistance to other cultural and or ethnic groups coping with similar problems in attempting to begin and or maintain their own schools. Moreover, religious clergy, administrators and school boards, may use this study as a model of what constitutes a successful religious school as well as potential warning signs of areas in which improvement is needed. This study will be the first in depth study of the largest Greek Orthodox school system in the United States which also is home of the only Greek-American High School outside of Greece.