Anastasios Koularmanis



Deciding to pursue my Ed.D was not an easy decision. Being the father of two very young boys and living in New Jersey has made this experience into quite an “Odyssey.”

Growing up as a child in a traditional Greek household I was taught to respect education and those that sacrificed a lifetime teaching and nurturing us so that we may be able to live productive lives.  It was not difficult for me then when it came to choosing a career.

Families are the compass that guides us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter.
Brad Henry

It is these same values we have instilled in our two children Demetrios and Ioannis.  With the help of my wife Maria we have managed to maintain the same Greek traditions we both have been raised with. It is our belief that maintaining our Greek identity is something that has made us both successful in our lives and also is what has held our family together for so many years.


My family has always stood by the many decisions I have made regardless whether or not their lives may have been altered.  I only hope that they will be proud of me with my accomplishment as I am of their commitment to my future and goals.

Being away from them for an entire weekend was very difficult as was missing certain weekend celebrations.  Their support has helped me overcome many of my hesitations and uncertainties I may have had about finishing the program.

The arrival of Demetrios gave my life truly a new meaning and direction.  He has become a mini-me which frightens my wife at times. He is truly a blessing in our lives and a wonderful child.

Ioannis is a little devil in disguise, unlike his brother, Ioannis is stong willed and at times quite difficult. His arrival wipped us into shape and I am a bit worried since as time passes he gets harder to catch.