Anastasios Koularmanis


“At every stage bear Ithaca in mind.
The arrival there is your appointed lot.
But hurry not the voyage in the least:
’twere better if you travelled many years
and reached your island home in your old age,
being rich in riches gathered on the way,
and not expecting more from Ithaca.”

My “ODYSSEY” through the oceans of the Saint John’s University’s doctoral program has been a bit  difficult at times, but I have made it. I have struggled at times as Odysseus had done through his journey. There have many times that I thought the journey was to difficulty but my colleagues like Odysseus’s sailors helped my make it through the rough waters. I will soon be reaching the end of my journey where I will enter the ranks of a many other accomplished educators and leaders. I am ready and willing to take on this new role. On my journey over the last three years, I have made many new friends and have obtained an education that is invaluable to me. Alexander the Great once said “I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teachers for living well.” I can never repay what the professors here at Saint John’s University have given me. I will use these tools everyday in aiding my fellow teachers in becoming better educators and assisting my students in achieving academic excellence. I will soon be reaching the shore but my journey will not end there. I shall never stop learning for that is an educator’s greatest tool.


EDU 5743 Educational Planning
EDU 7701 Educational Research & Development in Instructional Strategies

Management Science

EDU 7801 Creation of Digital Portfolio
EDU 5655 Educational Research and Data Analysis
EDU 5741 Economics/Finances of Education

Organizational Theory

EDU 5419 Advanced Study in Organizational Theory
EDU 5105 Multicultural Social Organizations

Policy & Politics

EDU 5420 Politics of Education
EDU 5103 Educational Governance and Policy
EDU 5721 Collective Bargaining

Research Methodology

EDU 7211 Data Analysis II – Statistics
EDU 7900 Qualitative Research: Method and Analysis
EDU 7901 Advanced Research Design
EDU 5650 School Based Data Analysis


*All course descriptions were taken from the Saint John’s University bulletin.
*All course resources were collected from the instructor teaching the class.