Anastasios Koularmanis


The one exclusive sign of thorough knowledge is the power of teaching.

In my role as the Principal of Saint Demetrios Greek America Schools of Astoria, my duties and responsibility have common characteristics with the areas of Organizational Theory, Policy/Politics, Management Theory and Research Methodology. Through my experiences while completing the coursework associated with this program, I was able to explore the work of theorists in each area and to practice the application of theoretical frameworks.

After each course I would reflect on what I had learned from each course. I made a conscience effort to share this valuable information with my colleagues. I found myself on the lookout for out teachers who would benefit from what I had to offer to them. I also met with the building principals and discussed leadership strategies and new initiatives in school reform also ideas I had acquired from my studies through this program.

The links below highlight aspects of my accomplishments as they were impacted by the readings and class discussions in the respective domain.



Awards and Nominations:

Recently recognized as the leading administrator in the Greek-Orthodox Archdiocese which was featured in the Greek National Herald and the Eseis Greek American Magazine. In addition, our school welcomed the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew who awarded our school the Award of Excellence in Greek-American Education.